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Jim Corbett Park Jeep Safari

Escorted safaris are available for visiting areas of the Jim Corbett National Park. The safari is an great way to see the wildlife and landscape of the Jim Corbett National Park closely. It gives you an opportunity to witness the rare sights of tigers, elephants, deers, jackals, and many other animals and birds in their natural habitat. 

Tourist Zones

The wide spreading Corbett National Park has been divided into 5 zones open for tourist safaris, and each one has its own unique natural characteristics. The five zones are Dhela, Jhirna, Bijrani, Dhikala and Durga Devi. The safari is essentially for four hours, starting either at around 0600 Hours for morning shift or at around 1330 Hours for the evening one. The visitors are accompanied by trained driver and guide in an open Gypsy or in a Canter (in Dhikala).

Bijrani Zone

This is the most popular zone in the park amidst the tourists as it hosts a variety of creatures. The entry point is the ‘Amdanda Gate' which is just one km away from Ramnagar city. Here the open grasslands meet with the thick forest of Sal trees to create a serene view. A lucky you will be able to see deer, Wild Boar, Sloth Bear, Monkeys, Langoor, Krait, Cobra, Lizard, King Cobra, Jungle Cat, Royal Bengal Tigers, Martins etc. You can also get a chance to explore the depth of the park through elephant or jeep rides.

Durga Devi Zone

Located on the North Eastern side of the Park, this is also known as the Hill Safari Zone, where the Ramganga and Mandal rivers flow in full force, making it a great place to spot elephants. This place is also a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts, with maximum number of rare species being spotted here.

Jhirna Zone

Situated at the southern boundary of the park, this zone was opened in 1994 and can be entered from the Dhela gate itself. Jhirna with its dense forest and grasslands offers great birding opportunity. This is also the only tourist zone in Corbett National Park which is open for visitors for all year round.

Dhela Zone

Opened for tourists in 2014, this fairly new zone is at 17 kms from the main town of Ramnagar. As you enter this zone from the Dhela Gate, you will seek a chance to spot fauna like Wild Bear, Bengal Tiger, Elephant, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer and Hornbills. The landscape in this zone is plains mostly covered by grasslands.

Dhikala Zone

Being the most popular zone among tourists, Dhikala offers tourists endless opportunities to spot animals. This place offers an overnight stay in a forest lodge and a canter safari for Day visit. Dhikala is popular for its view of the Ramganga river that offers a chance to see Smooth Coated Otters, Crocodiles and the Asian Elephants. It is also a bird watchers paradise.

Sitabani Buffer Area

Though not a part of the tiger reserve, this place is blessed with all the natural beauty of the park. You can visit beautiful ancient temples, spot rare birds, and have a jeep safari sprawling through the mystic forests and soaking yourself in the mesmerizing view.

Only a limited number of vehicles are permitted into the safari zones during each safari zone


  • Dhela Zone – 10 jeeps

  • Jhirna Zone – 30 jeeps

  • Bijarni Zone – 30 jeeps

  • Dhikala Zone –2 Canters.

  • Durgadevi Zone -15 jeeps

  • Sonandi Zone – 10 jeeps​

Zones (Opening and Closing Dates) Entry Gates:

  • Dhikala (15 November to 15 June) – Dhangadi Gate.

  • Bijrani (15 October to 30 June) – Amdanda Gate.

  • Jhirna (Round the year) – Khara Gate.

  • Dela (Round the year)- Dela Gate.

  • Domunda (15 October to 30 June) – Durga Devi Gate.


Day visit to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not permitted except in the conducted canter tours organized by the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

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