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How We Help

We are mindful that our services are completely dependent on the environment we live in and the community we work with. It is, therefore, a constant endeavour from our side to support and protect these as and when the need arises. It is also a message that we pass on to our guests during their travels with us.

As a small gesture towards this, we contribute Rs 100 per day for every guest who books with us to a special fund that is utilised for the development of the community in which we operate and for other environmental initiatives that we undertake from time to time. In the past we have contributed to waste management services through a local NGO for a small village on the territory of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, carried out plantation drives in the monsoons, support a local school for special children, among others.

​Therefore, when you travel with us, you are not just enjoying the beautiful landscape of Corbett but also contributing to its protection and conservation in a small but effective way.

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