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Dhikala Safari in Jim Corbett National Park



500 species recorded


3 wildlife experts


6 nature guides


1 forest

20 years experience

‘Dhikala Guides’ brings together the very best professionals to give you a unique experience of the Corbett wilderness. Our team has 20+ years of experience conducting customized trips in the Corbett Landscape and across India. Our vast experience, knowledge gathered from being in nature, and the drive to provide excellent service has made possible to give unforgettable experiences to clients worldwide.

We can proudly say that our trips are no less than a magical experience taking you in the depths of natural beauty. The credit

for this goes entirely to our team; comprised mostly of locals, they know the area like the back of their hand. They are not just expert 'tiger' trackers, but they will also show you the exquisite animal and birdlife of Corbett. Some are amazing birders and have recorded sightings of over 500 species of birds. They have been trained at the best institutions like Wildlife Institute of India, Uttarakhand Forest Training Academy, etc. Most of our naturalists are also actively involved in conservation and are seasoned travellers themselves. We pride ourselves in saying that we work with the very best professionals in Corbett!

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Not just Safaris

We don't just organise jeep safaris and guided trips for seeing the wildlife inside the Jim Corbett National Park but we also offer other exciting and adventurous trips that will show you the historic beauty of this place that was home to the famous hunter and naturalist Jim Corbett, get you to witness the local culture and flavor of Kumaon, and bring you face to face to the trails that were once taken to hunt down the Man-eaters of Kumaon. We also organise educational and experiential learning trips for children as well as adults that help them understand the environment, its flora and fauna and the need to protect and conserve it.

Why book a safari with Dhikala Guides

Corbett National Park like most other national parks and Tiger reserves in India follows a "Roster System" for guides and 4 X 4 safari’s to regulate tourism business. The fall-out of this system is that it affects a nature travellers freedom of choice for selecting an experienced guide and a knowledgeable driver while on a safari. Ever so often guest’s are left disheartened by the safari experience in the roster system due to the driver/ guide’s lack of knowledge or experience, shortening of park rides, risky driving, etc.

Hence Dhikala Guides! We assure a great wilderness experience by providing well trained and well-spoken guides & drivers throughout your trip. We have carefully selected the most

knowledgeable, professional and friendly field coordinators, naturalists, guides and drivers in the region, with over a decade of experience of handling birdwatchers, anglers, wildlife photographers, documentary film-makers, writers, zoologists, botanists, ornithologists, entomologist, naturalists, teachers, students and our most important client the aspiring nature lover. Our naturalists and guides have a vast experience of leading wildlife,  bird watching and photography tours for keen and hardcore wildlife travellers and some of the most reputed wildlife tour companies worldwideThe naturalists are experts who are there not only to show you and tell you about nature and wildlife but to immerse you in it so that you can further appreciate and cherish your exploration.

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