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Since Corbett is one of the few parks in India which offers a stay inside the park. The experience of staying in the middle of a protected wildlife zone is unparalleled and a must for everyone visiting Corbett.

Dhikala Forest Lodge

One of the most familiar and popular places inside the Corbett National Park, this lodge offers a superb view of the Patli Dun Valley, along with watch towers from where you can have a panoramic view of the park. One of the reasons why tourists want to stay at this historic lodge is because it offers you a higher chance of sightings of wild elephants, chitals, deer and wild pigs.

Located on the Dhangarhi-Dhikala road near the southern bank of river Ramganga, this zone is famous for having a frequent movement of tigers and elephants, mainly because of proximity to the river.

Sarapduli Forest Lodge

Sultan Forest Lodge

This lodge is located amid a really dense forest area, giving tourists the relaxation and solitude which they seek while on a vacation.

Gairal Forest Lodge

Located near the first entry gate of the parks near the banks of pristine river Ramganga, this lodge offers tourists a chance to stay right next to the river with glowing crystal-clear waters.

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Khinnanauli Forest Lodge

Situated in an area popular as an active tiger territory, this lodge is great for people who anticipate witnessing some activity in the wild.

Kanda Forest Lodge

Famous as the highest forest lodge in the park, this is THE place to stay if you want to be surrounded by tall and majestic mountains and enjoy the park view.

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Forest Lodges in Bijrani

Malani Forest Lodge

Located towards the North-West of Bijrani, it is one of the places where you should go if all you want is a calm and relaxing atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also, do not forget some rare animal sightings if lucky.

Bijrani Forest Lodge

This lodge is located amid a really dense forest area, giving tourists the relaxation and solitude which they seek while on a vacation.

Forest Lodge in Jhirna

Jhirna Forest Lodge

Surrounded by a slightly dry landscape, this lodge is located in an area which was an agricultural land till 1994, until the Project Tiger was implemented here. With a lot of bamboo vegetation, this place, though dry, makes a good habitat for Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bear and Wild Boars.

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Forest Lodges in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Lohachaur Forest Lodge

Located in the Northern part of the park and on the banks of Mandal river, you can stay here is you do not want to have a completely secluded stay.

Rathuadhap Forest Lodge

If you are very excited to sight elephants in their wild habitat, this lodge is perfect for you. Located in one of the most active elephant zones, Rathuadhap is a comfortable lodge to have a great time sighting the gentle giants.

One of the oldest constructed lodges in the park, tourists can experience a complete vintage feel here. Constructed between the Palain and Sonanadi rivers, this is a great spot to watch wild elephants having a bath in the river. 

Halduparao Forest Lodge

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Forest Lodges in Dhikala

The towns of Nainital and Kaladhungi have many sites associated with Jim Corbett and his time in India and through this trip we attempt to capture and show you the essence of these places and their memories associated with Jim Corbett. We take you to the Gurney House (Corbett’s home in Nainital), Murray Hotel, the only traveler's bungalow in Kaladhungi, the waterways of Kaladhungi, the Canal Trail, the Foundry, Arundale (Jim Corbett’s home in Kaladhungi) and many more sites that are still standing tall in the hustle bustle of the towns. 

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